‘The Blue’ Ready Desperately

‘The Blue’ Ready Desperately

'The Blue' Ready Desperately

London – Chelsea Liverpool awaited after a surprise defeat in the FA Cup. The Blues are ready furiously at Stamford Bridge for the sake of tickets to Wembley.

Last weekend, Chelsea struck by the third division was the 2-4 defeat at home. Once eliminated, Chelsea are now only has three other competitions that can be fought, one League Cup.

In the first leg, Chelsea balanced with Liverpool. Now hosted in the second leg, the Blues did not want to suffer the same fate with the final game. Gary Cahill warned his team to forget the defeat.

“It can not be trusted with what had happened. It was a surprise – the alarm that woke up. Now we have an important game against Liverpool, we desperately need right now,” Cahill told the Mirror.

“It is clearly the case if you play like that against a good team. I’m not just a few people who’ve seen us play like when against Bradford at Stamford Bridge,” said the Chelsea central defender.

“After the game, we all felt very, very bad but we have to get out of the system to get back.”

Chelsea only need a minimum of a 1-0 victory to advance to the final. Liverpool have not won in the last three visits to the headquarters of Chelsea in all domestic competitions.