Retain the FA Cup title Now Easier to Arsenal

Retain the FA Cup title Now Easier to Arsenal

Retain the FA Cup title Now Easier to Arsenal

London – Chelsea and Manchester City have been eliminated from the FA Cup this season. Terdepaknya rivals Arsenal conscious, so the chances of retaining the trophy greater.

As is known, the fourth round of the FA Cup this season brings a surprise. Big teams like Chelsea’s Premier League and the City fell. Both were defeated at home by opponents of the lower divisions: Chelsea lost 2-4 from Bradford City (third division) while the City removed Middlesbrough (second division).

Also the Premier League clubs other kinds of Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Swansea City, who must be dispelled step to the next round. A number of other teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Sunderland were forced to play a replay because just picking a draw.

Arsenal be one of the surprise teams spared. Together with Crystal Palace, West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa, Leicester City and West Ham United, Arsene Wenger foster children drove into the fifth round. They can be followed step by Manchester United, Liverpool and Sunderland, as long as it can pass through their respective opponents in the game replay.

The fact that Chelsea and City as well as the big teams of other kinds Soton Premier League and Spurs have eliminated certainly be a blessing for a number of teams including Arsenal. Putting aside the surprise factor, it counts on paper chances ‘Gunner’ reached the final and the winner of the greater.

Practical Manchester United and Liverpool are now only resource that is one level with the champions. Theo Walcott unconscious, his team had a good chance.

“We have to believe that this is a great opportunity and we want to retain the trophy. It is our trophy and a massive opportunity see the teams that did not qualify,” he said on the club’s official website.

“It still depends on the draw but we are confident with the team we have and the players are back in shape, we can beat anyone,” said he.