Sanchez Very Good, but Cazorla the Best

Sanchez Very Good, but Cazorla the Best

Sanchez Very Good, but Cazorla the Best

Jakarta – Alexis Sanchez performed very well in his first season with Arsenal. However, Santi Cazorla even judged to be the best player in the squad for the Gunners.

Sanchez immediately showed himself as a sharp striker in the Premier League since it was purchased from Barcelona earlier this season. Played 21 times, he was able to contribute 12 goals and seven assists.

With the donation goals and assists it, Sanchez can be called was involved in 19 goals ‘Gunner’ in the domestic league.

While acknowledging that Sanchez was performed moncer, the former Arsenal player Robert Pires had other players who called the best. Pires had felt playing with the Cazorla while equally defend Villarreal in the period 2007-2010.

Assessment Pires was arguably true if referred to the recent appearance Cazorla as Arsenal beat Manchester City in a match that took place at the Etihad Stadium last weekend. Arsenal win two goals without reply, Cazorla scored one goal and one assist.

“Yes, he (Sanchez) is very good. Everyone also knows what he’s like. He played okay when doing business in Barcelona and the World Cup” Pires said when asked detikSport on the sidelines of the ‘Arsenal Football Marathon, in the field ISCI, Saturday (24.01.2015).

“But for me, he’s not the best for now. In the past three or four months, yes indeed Sanchez very nice. But, it is best to Santi Cazorla.”

“I’ve known him for a long time, glad to see Santi can play at Arsenal and continues to grow. And for me, he is the number one,” he added.

However, Pires also have a belief that Sanchez will be an important player for Arsenal like Thierry Henry. However, members of the team ‘The Invicibles Arsenal’ was not convinced that Sanchez could pass 226 goals achievement Henry carved along the north London club.

“Yes, he can (be like Henry). But, I tidah know if he could have scored more goals than with Henry. What is clear he is a very good signings for Arsenal,” said Pires.